Worldwide shipping (one package) will be added automatically to the basket after selecting the country of delivery.

The following price of the additional shipment applies to one parcel weighing 20 kg, and dimensions not larger than: 40cm x 50cm x 70cm.

Important: the products we sell have a manufacturer's warranty only on the territory of Poland. Products for complaint must be delivered to Poland on your own.

Most of our products (strollers, car seats) fit within these dimensions.

Larger or heavier products (e.g. 2in1 sets, 3in1 sets, etc.) are packed in larger packages or must be shipped in several packages, which may increase the shipping price. The final shipping price is determined by email.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Service:

+48 517 358 777 or

Price list of foreign shipments:

Country Price
Austria 85 zł
95 zł
Czech Republic
70 zł
95 zł
Estonia 100 zł
165 zł
125 zł
Greece 300 zł
Spain 150 zł
90 zł
Ireland 155 zł
Northern Ireland 400 zł
Lithuania 110 zł
Luxembourg 115 zł
Germany 80 zł
Portugal 150 zł
Romania 130 zł
Sweden 155 zł
95 zł
90 zł
Great Britain
Italy 110 zł
Latvia 85 zł